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Welcome to our Blog

We are Nicoletta and Tiziana, two Italian Foodies, both very passionate about Italian cuisine, but only the authentic and traditional food!!!

Above all, it must be made from Italy with Love. We are two different ingredients blended for the creation of a unique single plate:


We love to define ourselves not as Italian chefs or food bloggers but “Food Explorers” because great food is always a journey and a wonderful discovery.

We hope you will enjoy your discovery with us!


About Nicoletta – Italian Foodie:

I love art, poetry, great food and wines, I am an Italian Foodie living in Dublin and I have spent 15 years in Advertising. As an Italian living abroad, I had the chance to try and experiment the International Italian Cooking all around the world. I am very passionate about sharing the real way to cook Italian dishes. Not all recipes and ingredients are the same and cooking authentic Italian recipes can make a huge difference!!!

  • My first recipe? A wonderful homemade Custard Cream. I used to prepare it with my Mum on a nice sunny Sunday afternoon in Rome.
  • Favourite dish? A classic Pasta Amatriciana, very popular in Rome; simply delicious.
  • NOT TO DO: As Italian Foodies overcooking pasta is always a bad idea; please, you have to cook pasta “al dente”!


About Tiziana – Italian Foodie:

I love creative Italian Cuisine, creativity and originality. I am an Italian Foodie from Rome and I worked in the events industry for 20 years, from sports to fashion to contemporary art. I lived in Ireland for almost 2 years and from that experience, I have changed my whole life, a New Way of seeing the World…and the Italian Food, of course! Here are my favourite inner passions: Italian food, ancient and modern recipes from the Italian tradition.

  • My first recipe? I was 10 years old and with the help of a great expert, my grandmother, I cooked a dark chocolate cake with a secret ingredient.
  • Favourite dish? I love the must-try Italian dish “Lasagna with Ragù Sauce”.
  • NOT TO DO: As Italian Foodies never drink a cappuccino after lunch or dinner, after 12 is not an option!



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The real Italian Food. Buon Appetito!

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